Tracker URL

IPv4: [ Status: Running ]–[ Torrents: 4 ]–[ Seeders: 10 ]–[ Leechers: 10 ]–[ Total Peers: 20 ]
IPv6: [ Status: Running ]–[ Torrents: 9 ]–[ Seeders: 9 ]–[ Leechers: 9 ]–[ Total Peers: 18 ]

About this tracker

  • This is a private BitTorrent tracker used by Team Belgium for uploading torrents that are legal and fall under a permissive license.
  • Don't bother adding this tracker to your torrents, unless you send me the torrent hash so I can register it. See Contact below.
  • If you are looking for public trackers, you can find a list at newTrackon.

Tracker Info

  • This tracker does not log anything. Only information of the current swarm is available. It is not possible to trace previous connections.
  • This tracker has an announce and full scrape interval of 30 minutes.
  • This tracker inserts random IP addresses into the peer list.
  • The tracker software used is opentracker.


  • If you need to contact me, use: (% = 6 + 2)